Sunday, 21 November 2010


Another week is over & I've noticed I haven't done a post in that time..... I just wanted to let you know I'm still here!!!

Anyone watching I'm a Celeb????
I'm not liking Gillian..... what's going on with her back?

On Saturday we arranged our first charity event at work and what a great day it was..... we raised £240 in about 4 hours!!!
I was really happy (worn out!) with that..... just think if I can do that for Children In Need imagine what I could do for kittens!! I feel a PDSA event coming on.... I wonder if our customer would be so generous????

Hope you all have a good week....any plans????


  1. Oh yes, one for the kitties! Well done

  2. Hi Joe
    We're watching celeb....I have to say I love that expression what goes around comes around...Gillian Mckeith was awful to so many people in her series on food. I can't believe what a drama queen she is...I think it's one huge publicity stunt!
    xx x

  3. glad the charity day went well, Chris had a friend come over and they chose to stay home rather than go into town :( Definitely think one for the kitties would be a good idea though!!

    Managed to avoid most of Celeb this year, although I normally get sucked in so sure I will be watching soon, can't bear Gillian, although I do think some of her recipes are good.

    Every week seems to be flying past at the moment, I've no idea where the time goes, and each day seems crammed so full of stuff to do! Hope you have a good week. x

  4. Thank you for your comment, good to hear from like-minded bloggers. Well done with the fund-raising! Busy getting ready for the V&HM fair on Sunday... so much to do (so no time for telly!).. although will be watching Kirsty - followed bt the High Street this evening! Lizzie