Sunday, 19 September 2010

Crafty Sunday...... yet again!!!

Hello everyone.... well another week as gone by & all my best intentions of posting mid week went out the window :(

Since returning to work I haven't had 2 days together so my day off on Tuesday was full of cleaning etc. I also had to take Nanny to the vets for a check up..... I had to go back to the same room I visited in June :( I was a good girl & didn't shed a tear.

I'm cheating this week..... I'm going to show you something I made 20 years ago!!! I made this dress for one of my nieces but never gave it..... I'd made her sister a lovely cardigan a few months before & when I gave it to her she threw it on the floor then dragged it around in her bike wheel!!!
I couldn't bring myself to part with this as it took a long time to make..... do you want to see it???

What do you think??? It's fully lined.....

I've had this tucked away in cupboards for the last 20 years...... I've never even seen it on a child!
So on Monday I decided to take it to my friend's so Olivia could try it on.... good job I did as it only just fitted!!

She wouldn't take off her pyjama's bottoms!!

She wasn't happy about being my model......  but after a while she got in the mood & started dancing!

So that's it...... do you like???

I haven't really done that much this week..... we went to a very odd wedding yesterday afternoon.

We're not really into weddings but as we had lived next door to the groom for 12 years & had known him from the local pub for over 20 years so we thought we'd make the effort. We then found out we had to buy a gift.... gift vouchers (so they know how much you spent!!) 
After working in the morning we headed down to the reception..... it was in our local hotel/ was pretty busy & then it dawned on me........ they'd invited everyone in the pub!! 
The restaurant area was packed.... you couldn't even get in the room!!!

So we stood in the bar buying our own drink with not so much as a sausage roll!!!
I was not happy..... I was planning on snatching back my card & voucher!!! After 3 hours we gave up & went home..... well at least we showed our faces.

Next Saturday is my nieces wedding..... blimey how did she get old enough to marry???
I haven't seen them for over 6 years.... gulp!!! So I'm feeling nervous about going...... I'm going alone but although so many people have said don't go I feel I have to..... if she's been kind enough to invite me then I should go.

I hope to be back on Tuesday..... it's a special day :)


  1. What an amazing dress, I can see the work going into it and how the inserts will twirl- children can be so capricious!

  2. That dress is absolutely stunning. If someone had made me a dress like that when I was that age I don't think I would have taken it off - ever!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. The dress is beautiful, what a shame it has been put away for so long after the amount of work you must have put into it !

  4. I love the dress!
    So vintage pretty!
    I'm back on blogger..xxxx

  5. I love the dress! Strange wedding! Good luck with the next one! Susie xxx

  6. Beautiful dress! Hope it finds a home where it will be loved and appreciated.