Monday, 6 September 2010

200th Post & Birthday Gifts....

Yes this really is my 200th post....... my I was surprised to make it to 100 yet alone 200!
I was planning on doing a giveaway but I have so many birthday's coming up I need to focus on that (& save money!) so I will be doing a giveaway for my 2nd birthday which is only a few weeks away.

So as promised here are my gifts....

Yes we all know that I like books but I better get my reading head on to get through all of these!!
I haven't been reading much since I've had my phone...... too busy playing games, I must stop that & get reading but the last few books haven't gripped me. I hate not finishing books so I solider on taking far to long..... I'm thinking I might start The Notebook as it's not very big & has very large writing!!

Lovely PJ's from my friend Helen. Spot the Cath Kids tin......

I love this print even through its for children..... I'm thinking of using the tin for taking my crochet to Make, Do and Mend. I love the little breakfast set inside.... this was from my parents.

Hand made lavender jelly from Kim - she also gave me handmade white chocolate rocky road but that didn't hang around long!!!

Hot water bottle from my brother..... he thought it was very Cath.

Kim also gave me the Keep Calm tin calender which is lovely. The deer head is from Helen again...... lovely retro scales from 2 of my oldest friends, they also paid for me to have the tarot card reading which I must say was very interesting. I really do believe but I still found it a surprise when she told me things about myself..... how did she know!!!!

The good news is I'll come into lots of money in the next year...... after tough times she told me I'll deserve this. Also a fantastic job will come my way...... a wedding next March..... and a surprise baby for a loved one that has been trying for ages.....phew not me then, boy that would be a surprise!!!

So all in all a good birthday was had & it's been great to be off work for 9 days. 
All things come to an end & I've spent all morning cleaning the house from top to bottom ready to return to work tomorrow.
It'll be hard work as I'm starting at 8am so I can go straight to Make, Do and Mend...... we're finishing at 10pm tomorrow night (a trial run to see if more people come) ..... that's a long day!!!

It made my day :)

That's it for another year!
Have a good week


  1. WOW didn't you do well!!

    I think you have plenty of reading to do on the cold nights that are coming,

    Victoria xx

  2. You certainly received some lovely gifts & they all know what you like!


  3. What lovely gifts you had for your birthday. Lucky girl!x

  4. What great pressies, I love the Cath Kidston kids design too, I bought a pair of the little suitcases which I keep my sewing in.
    Ann x

  5. Wonderful gift you lucky thing. Happy birthday for the other day. x

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! I love to look through other peoples gifts, thanks for sharing, you lucky lady.
    Kandi x

  7. Fab birthday presents! Glad to see some cK in the mix!!!

  8. some lovely presents there - definitely plenty of reading matter to keep you going. Hope they are enjoyable. Love the CK bits too.

    Can I ask, where did you go for your tarot reading ? I've been thinking about going, but the person I've been to before seems not to be doing them at the moment.

  9. Fabulous birthday pressies!! The Tarot reading sounded great!!!!

  10. Happy birthday and congrats on your 200th post