Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Big Knit - Crafty Sunday

Hello everyone..... back to normal this week so very little time for blogging :(

But I did have a crafty week

First up it was my friend Claire's birthday so I thought I'd play around & make her one of these...

She mentioned a few days before that she really wanted one.... I had to chuckle as I knew it was all wrapped up for her!!!

Tuesday night was.....

It was a great night.... the room was packed! We had a little piece in our local paper the day before which made me really happy, it meant we had some new faces :)

We made 42!!!
Check out the photo's on the web site.
We had lots of non knitters who tried really hard..... I'm very proud of my Make, Do and Menders :)

We're still very short of our target....any volunteers???
Thanks Kelly for being the only person to sign up so far..... come on ladies....please help :)

I have loads to show you & tell you but I don't seen to have enough hours in the day.....
Hope to be back soon!


  1. wow - lots of lovely little hats there and I love that tea cosy - a perfect autumn gift - I love my cups of tea, but especially when the weather turns cooler, it's lovely to have a proper cup from the pot, after all the cold drinks over the summer.

  2. Love the teapot cover!! Reminds me of my nan in law!!

  3. I'll do a post on my blog to remind people :)
    42 is a great start!!!

  4. Hi hun! you won! Sooooo pleased pop over to see what!!!

  5. That's brilliant Joe! You must be thrilled with everyone's efforts!
    Hope all is well...I am certainly due a trip to the city!

  6. Your tea cozy is way too cute.

  7. I love tea cosies and yours is just gorgeous! Susie xxx