Sunday, 6 March 2016

February 2016

I'm glad to see the back of you February!

I started the month with a lovely case of flu that made me take to my bed for a whole week! My brave little Bobby was bitten on the neck & needed veterinary treatment. I went to hospital for my long awaited scan & was diagnosed with gallstones! 
I also celebrated Hugo's first birthday, did lots of knitting, enjoyed spring daffodils, spent a day cooking, finally finished my hexagon blanket & started my blue bird cardigan!

Phew...... that's a lot in one month!


  1. March seems a better month, although we did have snow! I had my gall bladder removed because of gallstones, what treatment will you have? My friend had hers lasered! Spring is most definitely here, and it is my favourite season, I hope it goes better than February for you and I hope Bobby makes a speedy recovery xxxx

  2. I hope March is treating you better than February, though despite your set backs you still achieved a lot, that blanket is especially magnificent! xx