Friday, 13 June 2014

May Book Review

Nearly 1/2 way through June & I'm just doing May's review.... tut tut!

Only 2 books in May, this seems to be my limit at the moment

stockings, lisle . . . shoes, black clumpy . . . The list went on and on. And to think that she'd chosen the WAAF because the blue uniform looked so smart! When war broke out, seventeen-year-old Christie could have stayed down on the family farm in Norfolk, where she was wanted and needed. So why had she joined up? Come to that, why had Meg from Cheshire, and Sue, very much the big city girl from Liverpool, and Shanna, the life-toughened product of a broken home in Glasgow? Mixed reasons. Very mixed backgrounds. But no time to think now. Not with the sergeant shouting and the station air-raid siren beginning to wail . . .

Another lovely WW2 romance. I really enjoyed this book, the characters seem very real & the bond of friendship in that time were very strong.

Portsmouth, January 1941. When the Luftwaffe unleashes its full fury on the city in the first of three major blitzes, the Taylor family are bombed out. Judy finds her job relocated from the gutted Guildhall to a hotel in Southsea, and home is now a small terraced house in April Grove, with one fewer bedroom and no bathroom or inside lavatory. And then there is the news she has been dreading: her sailor fiancĂ© has been killed. 
Judy and her young, recently widowed aunt Polly decide to turn their grief to good account, and join the WVS - running canteens, accompanying evacuee children, and helping the families of servicemen, often in the face of danger from air raids, flying bombs and V2 rockets. 
Gradually, Judy and Polly find their own grief healing as they take part not only in their war work but in the life of April Grove, and although both are at first convinced they will never know love again, they both find it in the least likely manner

It took me a while to get into this book but once I did I loved it. Lilian Harrys writing is great, the way she describes the country side makes you feel you were there. It really highlights the tough time people had on the home front during WW2.

So that's it for May. I'm trying to stop reading WW2 romances as I feel I've read enough. However I'm really struggling with my June books so I think I might go back to these!

All of my books are purchased from my charity shop, at only £1 each they're a bargain!
Check out your local charity shop or if you live in Exeter & would like me to look out for a book just give me a shout.

Happy reading!


  1. I do love that era, and I have read a few but it takes me so long to read a book these days!

  2. Thanks for the titles Josie-Mary as always!
    I only wish I could find each and every one of them but being so far away, I feel blessed when I get 1 out of 5 (and 1 Pd sound just my price too!)
    Next time we are home, I'll have to give your shoppe a ring!