Monday, 5 May 2014

Sew for Victory

I've finally got around to sharing my Sew for Victory project!
Way back in March I decided to join in Rochelle challenge. Crazy I know as I'm not the best sewer in the world & can't remember the last time I made an item of clothing from a pattern..... when I was in my teens I think!

So the pattern was brought

I love the style of the trousers & have purchased 2 pairs online in the past few years only to find they fit in some places & far to tight in others. I thought this would be a chance to get the perfect fit as this pattern goes up to a 28.
The sizes are listed on the back so armed with this information I headed to the fabric shop to buy the cheapest fabric I could find. It didn't go to plan & I ended up spending £20.... much cheaper then the online ones but a lot of money to waste if they didn't work out.

Ever since I mentioned I was making trousers a few people had told me how hard they were & I would be better starting with a dress or skirt. It was too late now I had to make them work!

I chose a black twill fabric & had excellent service from the little fabric shop called Percy's in Exeter.
The man made sure I had everything I needed to get going.

On Good Friday I headed to mum's...... she worked in Gossards in the 1950's making bras so I knew she would be a good teacher. I wanted her to be there just in case things went wrong...... me & Bob bobbin don't get on & I always fiddle with the tension which results in the cotton snapping & me getting very angry!

So we started cutting out when disaster struck...... the pattern only went up to a size 18!!!
I was planning on making the 22 so I could have ample space for my huge hips.
I was gutted & as we had started I couldn't return the pattern so had to go for it.

I was very pleased with my first darts

I even had a little helper with the trying on stage

Unfortunately we had to remove my lovely darts as I needed every bit of fabric :(

We also had to do a visible zip to save fabric!

But at the end of the day I had a completed pair of trousers!!!

Yippee..... I can't tell how thrilled I was. 

They do look long in the picture but I measured & they're the same length as my current work trousers. The waist band has a gap at the back so more work needs to be done on that & I need to sort out a button hole as the popper I used keeps popping open which will drive me crazy.

After investigating the pattern on Amazon I see you have to order size bb for the larger size but it didn't make it clear on the page & they've now added the larger size. After several emails complaining they gave me a complete refund so I'm now planning on ordering the larger pattern so I can make another pair.
I want a light weight denim fabric for the summer.
I'm also planning on making these culottes for summer. 

The pattern was very easy to follow so top marks for Simplicity.

Thank you so much Rochelle for giving me the kick up the bum I needed to make an item of clothing.


  1. Well done! I have been too nervous to try these trousers, but you have inspired me to give them a go :-)

  2. Well done, they look really fabulous! The first pair I made of this pattern I ended up wearing till they fell apart as they were so comfy! x

  3. I'm soooo impressed that you were able to make these, I really wouldn't know where to start. I always say I wish I could make my own clothes as often I'll find a dress I love and suits me and just wish I could make in a variety of colours and fabrics. Maybe I should dust off the old sewing machine!