Thursday, 1 May 2014

April 2014

4 months have already marched past!

April was a good month with lots of making including my first ever sewing project..... check back for my Sew for Victory post over the weekend. I spent time with my girls (as always!), had a day out with the family, started to count calories (not so good) & started walking to work again after a 5 year break!

It was a year ago on Monday when I walked out of Laura Ashley for the last time, I can't believe I was that person who was so unhappy & being ill everyday because I didn't want to go to work. I hated the bosses & was treated like a child with no thanks for the hard work I put in. I don't get much thanks now but at least at the end of a hard day I know I've helped the animals which is a great feeling!
It also helps that I don't have to work Sundays & had 4 days off for Easter..... a first since 1997 for me! We've changed our opening hours this week so I actually get to leave at 5pm.... I got home at 5.20 today........ fantastic!!! In my previous jobs I would be looking at 6.45.
All in all this makes Joe a very happy girly :)


  1. so pleased for you that things have worked out. There's nothing more horrible than being miserable at work (as one who knows!!) Looking forward to seeing the sewing post!!