Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween

What plans do you have?

I'm going on the ghost walk in Exeter…. yes, yes I know I've done this lots of times!!
Last year we had to cancel because the weather was so bad & this year doesn't look good either.
We'll be heading to the pub after for a Halloween quiz!

Re Big Country…… I had a great time!
However I paid for it yesterday…… I'm never drinking again!!!

Enjoy your day


  1. I would love to do one of those ghosts walks
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Happy Halloween, no major plans for me this Halloween unfortunately :o(

    I might go home tonight and put on a scary movie.


  3. Happy Halloween Josie-Mary! Enjoy the walk (photos?)
    No wee ones on the island to give sweets to so we'll put a movie on and have a quick do!

  4. Hope you enjoyed your walk. My girls dressed up and handed out sweets at the door - I made myself feel sick on sweets ;o)