Sunday, 29 September 2013

Get Crafty!!

I've had a crafty week!

I made a duck for a friends little girl..... she loved it!
It duck from Sarah & duck of course!
(I've never heard of it!)

I sold some cats from my website

I'm cracking on with my blanket, only 5 more squares then I can join them & do the edging. I want it finished by Christmas..... I started it in March 2008!

On Friday I visited the Stitch, Sew and Hobbycrafts Show in Exeter.

Les Miserables costumes

This is all knitted!!! Amazing :)

My goodies..... far too much fabric!!!

And to top the crafty week off I did a new window display

It took forever & lots of balance to hang the net curtains but it was worth it as we had our best day so far yesterday, most of the things in this display sold...... the animals will be eating well today!!

And to top it off I received an email from a retail buyer for the Imperial War Museum.
She had seen my red & white tea cosy & said it was very much like one they had from WW2, she wants me to make a similar bespoke tea cosy to sell online & in their shop!!!!

I'm so flattered they asked me!

I need to contact them to find out more details but I don't think it'll go ahead as they want to retail it for £10 so I'm guessing I'll get about £5. That's the cost of the yarn & as they take approx 5 evenings to make I can't see it's worth my while...... but hey they asked me!!!!!!


  1. What a thrill! The Imperial War Museum no less! I would say it should retail for more Josie-Mary!
    Glad your window was such a success! I am still drooling over the china set in the display (love china!)
    All the best,

  2. Wow, Joe, congratulations on getting a request from the Imperial War Museum ... I'd be happy to pay £15 for a handmade tea cosy such as this ... £10 is far too cheap, and London prices are usually more than here oop north!

    Hope they reconsider and offer you a fair price for your work

    Have a wonderful week!

    Love Claire xxx

  3. what a thrill to be asked though. Possibly consider doing a few on a sale or return basis with you naming the price you want for them. That way, no risk to them if they don't sell within, say 3 months, but if they do, then you get the price you want. Should they not sell (which I really can't imagine!) then you can just sell them privately at the next fair. hope it all works out - how exciting