Thursday, 12 September 2013

Back to the 1940's..... yet again!!

Years & years ago when I was looking for 1940's event in Devon there was nothing but as it's becoming more fashionable they're cropping up everywhere!

This time it's Lupton House in South Devon

The weather forecast was heavy rain & the heavens opened on the journey down but when we arrived the sun came out & we had a lovely afternoon.

Matthew was invited to drive a classic car.... fine until the man showed him the horn!

Fantastic vehicle display & a full battle re-enactment that was VERY loud!!

Matthew meeting Mr Churchill 

And Laurel & Hardy 

Time for tea!

Loved this display..... although it does look a bit like my house!

The highlight of the show!
They started the engines every 30 mins...... wow what a noise!

I planned to sell here this year but the deadline was when I was having problems at work & I decided I didn't need anything else to stress about! I might give it ago as the crafts for sale weren't fantastic so I think I could do well. I spoke to a few sellers & they said business was slow but the table hire for the weekend was a very low price.

Now I have my family sharing my passion for WW2 please let me know if you hear of any events in the Devon area.

oh by the way the photo's of me & Matthew dancing to Glenn Miller in the sunshine have been cut!! 


  1. Wow! A great outing Josie Mary and thanks for sharing. Can't wait to show that last shot to ex-RAF hubby!
    Just love those events!

  2. Looks like a great day - wish I knew it was going on. When is the next date......
    Julie xxxx

  3. sounds like it was a lovely day. I forgot that Boyo had his first rugby session on the sunday so by the time he got back there wasn't time to go, but hopefully there'll be another one - am sure you'd do awesome selling there.

    hope you've had a good week x

    PS Re insert the dancing photos - we want to see!!

  4. Looks like you had a great time! Can't beat the sound of a Merlin engine :-) x