Sunday, 18 August 2013

Wings & Wheels

Today saw me heading off with the family to a local airfield for their annual Wings & Wheels event

We were going yesterday but after seeing the weather forecast we decided against it!!

So off we set...... me all dress up including my gas mask box! When we arrived the sun was hiding behind the clouds but they didn't forecast rain..... right??

By the time it took to walk to the top of the airfield the heavens opened & didn't stop!

And me in my Saltwater sandals too!

As you can see it was wet!

A very wet Matthew eating his pack lunch in the WI tent.

A quick dash back to the car for my wellibobs

And then the sun came out!

By which time we were wet & a little fed up!

Such a shame for the organisers but there really wasn't that much to do....... I think some people packed up after the wash out yesterday.

I now have a very wet & muddy pair of Saltwaters to clean.

Hope you all had a great weekend

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  1. shame the weather wasn't kinder to you - perhaps that put some people off. I nearly considered it when I saw your tweet in the morning, but am glad we didn't drive all that way now. Hope you have a good week x