Friday, 23 August 2013

Cat Cafe

3 weeks ago I headed off with my friend to Totnes to the new cat cafe....

It hasn't been opened long but for some strange reason everyone was telling me about it..... anyone would think I'm a crazy cat lady!!

 The couple who run it are lovely & we stayed for nearly an hour chatting!
A mug of tea is a reasonable £1.50 & they also sell home made cakes.

Now anyone who thinks this is unfair to the cats should take a look at this...

Does she look unhappy to you?

In true cat style they didn't come anywhere near me.
Next time I'm taking my friend who's scared of cats & I'm sure they'll be all over us!

You can find out more on their website & Facebook page.

If you're in the area do pop in & say hello but be warned, children are not allowed but you can see the cats through the window.

And speaking off cats....

A work colleague made me a birthday cake!
It's not my birthday for another week but I was going out tomorrow night with the girls & he made this for us. Unfortunately the meal had to be cancelled as a few people are away but hey I'm sure I'll manage it myself!!

Until next time


  1. Oh a cat cafe?
    Happy birthday for next me a slice!

  2. I can understand it, but what a shame they don't allow children, mine would have loved it - in fact, good job you put that as I've been planning to take them - they would have been gutted! The house we rented in Spain came with its own cat and they totally fell in love and are v v keen to get one now!!

    Happy birthday for next week = hope you enjoy the rearranged meal!!