Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A Day At The Zoo!

ok so it was a while ago now but I'll share my photo's with you anyway.

We went to Dartmoor Zoo

It was a bit of an odd day.... we got lost on the way (shocking as my dad knows where everything is!).... when we arrived my nephew just wanted to have the picnic..... then he wanted to go home!!

So it was a very brief visit, can you believe that a 4 year old didn't want to see the lion being fed!! 
Odd child!


Everyone's favourite!

I love this bear!
The best thing about this zoo is you can get close & although it was busier than the last time I went you still had a good view.

Unlike the lion :(

Unfortunately due to the wire you don't see much but I guess they have to have it!!
Her food was hiden in a tree & in these photo's you can see her searching then jumping up to get it... look closely! 

The highlight of the day!!!

As I said last time I would really recommend this zoo if you're in the area.... just avoid the film hype!
Have you seen the film?

I haven't yet but I guess I will one day.

And last but not least

3 years ago today I lost my beautiful Zoe..... rarely a day goes by when I don't think of her & miss her.
Now if any cat would let you do cat bearding it was her!


  1. We went there on Sunday! The bear was fast asleep in the sun! X

  2. One place on the list to visit when my grandchildren move back to Devon hopefully very soon
    Julie xxxx