Sunday, 3 February 2013

That was January!

First month of the year done....... didn't it go quick?

I started the month with hopes of an exciting new year with new challenges..... 
My 50 book challenge is going well..... I'm now on book 4!
A lovely week off was had..... new curtains..... spending time with my lovely girls.... working away & learning more about the politics of the company!!
And I got to see a little snow in Bristol :)

I didn't do anything on my list..... oh well, fingers crossed for February!

It's our Make, Do and Mend's 3rd birthday party on Tuesday..... yes you did read that right, we've been going for 3 years! Can you remember when I set it up?
We'll be working under the cover of darkness making Exeter look pretty with some yarn bombing!

Other then that I can see February going just as fast as January..... lots of reading to be done & making as I have my first fair of 2013 on the 2nd March.
Once again I've left it to the last minute!

I'll leave you with a photo of Jean on my lap on Friday...... do you think she missed me?


  1. Jean is such a beauty! xxx

  2. I'll bet she did.

    The months do seem to fly past don't they - this weekend disappeared in the blink of an eye, Still I suppose it must mean that life is busy and we are enjoying what we do.

    Hope you have a good week .

  3. Hi Joe,
    Wondered if I could pick your brains please as the man and I are venturing to Exeter soon, so pretty please could you tell me the good (vintagey) places to go?
    Hen x