Friday, 1 February 2013


Zdenka Fantlová's childhood in Czechoslovakia was one of great happiness and love and her life was like that of any other teenager. However, her peaceful existence was soon to be shattered. Seventy years ago this year, in Terezín concentration camp, she was given a home-made tin ring by her first love Arno with 'Arno 13.6.1942' engraved on it. When he gave her the ring he said, 'That's for our engagement. And to keep you safe. If we are both alive when the war ends I will find you'. Arno was sent East on a penal transport later that same day; she never saw him again. After surviving 6 concentration camps, risking her life for the tin ring and death marches Zdenka found herself, in the last chaotic days of the war, at the hell that was Bergen Belsen. Just skin and bone, crippled by typhoid and unable to walk she crawled to a Red Cross post. There she was saved by an unknown British soldier to whom the book is dedicated.

I've just finished my 3rd book of the challenge.
My mum told me about this book last year & we waited months for it..... she finally brought it but took forever to read it, she gave up so I pinched it!!

There's some moments that are slow so as my mum isn't a big reader I could see why so found it hard. There's a few chapters about the theatre that go on a bit but on the whole I thought it was excellent.

I've read so many books about the Holocaust that I can be a little hard hearted about it but this book brought me close to tears on more then one occasion!
I found the bit when her father gets taken away the hardest part :(

I have to keep reading these books as I find it so hard to believe that this really did happen..... it seems so crazy now & it happened in my pop's life time...... madness!!!


Working away update:
It was too bad..... honest! I hadn't been told the truth..... the hotel didn't included an evening meal or breakfast but you claimed it back. I shared last week with a nice lady, although it was a little uncomfortable it was ok. However this week the lady I was due to share with completely kick off saying she didn't want to share with me & she would only stay if she could have her own room. This was very awkward & finally she was sent home....... I did offer but they said she was a trouble maker & they didn't want her there complaining! So result.... I had a lovely room all to myself!
Only 1 more day next week & my jollies are over.
My store manager is starting her maternity leave in July so I'm hoping all this hard work will be remembered when I go for her job!!

Back soon with my January round up..... another month gone..... have I completed anything on my list?

Have I heck as like!!


  1. Perhaps this work thing staying and sharing with strangers is one of these team building things. What is this working away for? Are you working in another store?
    Hope you you do get the job in July, will be a temporary job though?
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. oh you are doing well with your reading. Have you ever read "Liliana and Alexander" by Paulina Simons - it's very moving, about what happens in Russia during the war. (although you might want to leave it til next year as it's massive - took me ages, and I love PS writing).

    The working away arrangements sound most odd, but at least it is over with now, and hopefully will do you some good in the future. Will keep my fingers crossed for you - who knows, maybe she won't come back from maternity leave or want fewer hours, so it might be a longer term thing!