Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My Mojo is back....

I've mentioned a few times I'm really finding it hard to read at the moment. Before iPhones & Pads I would read lots .... at least 2 books a month.
Now it's easier to play games...... which I know is really, really bad :(

Back in July I made a decision to stop this nonsense! 

I needed to finish The Distant Hours which I started months before.
I love Kate Morton books but found this hard work, I think it was because it took so long.... in the end I did enjoy it but not as much as the others 

A friend lent me this book, hence why it's not in the photo. It was slow to begin with but I did like the story, it was good to hear the other side of the homefront...... I knew it wasn't all cups of tea & brave smiles

Once I'd finished that one back in September there was no stopping me..... next up The Sugar Girls.
I really, really loved this book & finished it in just over a week!
I love social history books & this one was one of the best I've read.

The Very Thought Of You had been sat in my bedside cupboard for a long while. I tried to read it before & didn't get on with it but once I got started I really enjoyed it. I found myself looking forward to my breaks so I could find out more....... I didn't even think of playing a game!!
I noticed on Amazon it had some bad reviews but I thought it was a nice read..... not amazing, just nice!

I've almost finished my next one which is a bit racy........ no it's not THAT book!!

I just hope I continue reading as I'd forgotten how good it is.

Yesterday another book arrived for me

Can you believe I haven't watched a single episode of this!
I always do it...... wait for months for something, get excited, then don't watch it cos I want to enjoy it at my leisure! Think I need to start watching them before my Virgin box blows up!!

I've wanted this book for sometime & found it for a bargain price at The Book People
I've had a flick through & think this book deserves a post of it's own.... hopefully  coming soon!

As you can see I've also dug out my gloves & hat ready for Friday's blast of cold air!


  1. I'm so tempted to order the wartime farm book as Iv'e loved the series so I look forward to your post.
    : ) x

  2. I haven't watched wartime farm either but keep picking up the book in Smiths, am very tempted.
    Look forward to hearing what you think of it xx

  3. Hello,
    You put a comment on my post about corsages from a 1943 Stitchcraft magazine. I've tried to send a message but my system is playing up. Can you email my on so I can discuss the pattern?
    Best wishes

  4. that wartime farm programme is brilliant!
    hope you like it!
    (maybe you would like to take a peek at my blog.... )

  5. Hi Joe,

    Glad to be back, i did not realise how much I had missed blogging!

    Hopefully the WI meeting should go OK, very unlike our normal meetings, so something new for all!

    I will let you know

    Vanessa x

    PS forgot to say I went and bought the book from Book People, what a bargain!

  6. I was tempted to buy the book as the two men were at our Waterstones book signing today. Looks very good indeed.

    Really interesting having book reviews. Thanks. Like you I love fictional history, especially set in wartime.