Thursday, 18 October 2012

Lovely Day Out.....

On Sunday 7th October ma, pops, me & the 2 dogs headed to Shepton Mallet for the giant flea market!

I've wanted to go for a long, long time & it did not disappoint!

It took a while to get there but it was a lovely autumn day & after a much needed cup of tea we got down to business!

I didn't want to spend too much money but I did have £11.50 left of my birthday money & I intended to spend it wisely!

All this for £11.50!
I spotted this tea pot on one stall for £35 but found this dirty one in a box on another for only £5!
Of course I had to get another dog...... my collection is growing!

And my best bargain.....

When I started in Habitat in the 90's we sold these cabinets for the the costly sum of £45..... too much for me at the time! I've always regretted not getting one so about 4 years ago I decided I was going to treat myself..... it was just what I needed for my bedside table.
However after finding them online & couldn't justify the cost of £91 so I waited & waited......... this beauty came home with me for just £25!

I really wanted a red one buy hey you can't have everything!

Then it was back to my parents to meet the new member of the family

Meet Rosie..... isn't she lovely?

This photo was sent the following day to say sorry. 
You see the little monkey only went & scratched my eyeball...... how could that happen?
I think she was watching my eye lashes! 

It really hurt at the time & just got worse during the evening so I ended up at the walk in centre the following day. I was given eye drops & it cleared up very quickly..... better safe then sorry :)

So that was my day out........ pops loved it & wants to go again. Thank goodness as he's the driver!


  1. Look a fab place ... so many stalls. I too have a cream and green teapot ... cant remember where it came from .. but I just love mine.

    Vicky x

  2. What lovely purchases! My favourite are the Ladybird books - I have all 3 of them from when I was a child and am know enjoying them with my girls - can't beat a bit of Ladybird! :o)

  3. That is somewhere I so want to go. Perhaps next year. A long way from me but who knows. Your little haul was brilliant for just £11.50, no wonder you were pleased. Just seen you little cupboard in black on an Antiques programme. They bought it for £50 and were asking about £150 for it so you really did get a bargain!

  4. Rosie is so purdy!! What an amazing flea market, will have to try and catch the next one :)