Sunday, 16 September 2012

Crikey..... it's over!

It was a lovely day out but I'm glad it's over..... does anyone else find fairs hard work?

The stress of carrying stock, unpacking, pricing, making it look pretty, the panic of 'what if I sell nothing?, packing up, loading into taxis...... it's all a bit much!!

I'm starting planning for Christmas today ...... *gulp*..... it's not that long away!

I have 10 weeks until the final Crikey! It's Vintage of 2012..... I WILL not leave it until the last minute!!!

My goodies...

Another china dog..... it looks just like my parents dog which is good because it was their birthday money that brought it!! I feel another collection coming on :)

A perfect Woods Ware Iris jug....... someone else had a Jasmine one but that was nearly £10 which I though was expensive!

It's been a great weekend off.... shame it's gone so fast :(

Have a good week


  1. Hope it went well, I'm going ot get one of these one day - Exeter is definitely doable in a day for me... just got to get me and my mum organised!

  2. Glad you had a great weekend Joe, and hope you did well ... I've got 4 fairs coming up ... Really need to get myself organised, they are really hard work. But I love them! xxx

  3. I'm sure you did well, your 'stuff' is great!! We should try and get a meet up sorted out soon xxx