Sunday, 2 September 2012

August 2012

Another month done!

August was a bad month on the making front & with Crikey under 2 weeks away I'm in a panic!!

I don't think I'll have lots of new stock for this one..... I do have loads of cherry brooches as they sell like hot cakes!

August started with me feeling under the weather due to losing Ted & finished about the same way. I was hoping that if I gave myself time I would get over it quicker but it just seems to be dragging on.

I've been enjoying some time away from work & I thought I would get my mojo back but all I've done is sleep!
Back to work tomorrow, I hope to stop all my bad habits & try to get back to normal..... I've been playing too many games on FB & my iPad..... it's a good way to switch off & not think.

As some of you know I've been looking at cats on the Internet like a crazy women! Last week I went to the RSPCA to fill in the forms & I had a house visit on Wednesday..... I passed with flying colours & they said I could have any cat/kitten I wanted.

On Thursday I spotted 3 kittens free to a good home on Gumtree, after making a phone call my parents & I set off for the hour long drive. Not sure why as I felt funny about it & deep down I knew it wasn't right.
The kittens were lovely but I felt nothing..... I was waiting for that tummy feeling but it never came. I felt so guilty for wasting peoples time but I walked away empty handed.
I've now stopped looking, although the house feels very empty I realise the time isn't right.

It's Make, Do and Mend again on Tuesday..... we're dusting off our needles for the Innocent Big Knit, it comes around quick!
Anyone else knitting hats this year?

Here's to September being a better month...... maybe some sunshine will help!


  1. I hope September is a better month for you. The loss of a pet takes a long time to get over :o) Good luck with the fair.

  2. It took me ages to get over the loss of my kitty boy, despite getting another cat. My Florrie is a gorgeous girl but will never replace my boy. He will always have a little bit of my heart! M x

  3. Am sure that if they are true animal lovers they would more than understand. And am equally sure that grieving for the death of a loved one is a long process, which can't be rushed. When the time is right you will know. Hope the sunshine does help you get your mojo back, in the meantime, get lots of rest and go easy on yourself, it's been an eventful/stressful year one way and another, which is bound to have an impact xxx