Wednesday, 4 July 2012

June 2012

So another month has gone & we're still no closer to getting our summer!

June started with me busy making things for Crikey it's Vintage, then the lovely Jubilee celebrations closely followed by OH's BIG birthday!!

June is always a busy time on the birthday front!

I've been making like crazy for the new shop opening on the 7th July....... Good Golly Miss Molly.
Monday I delivered part of the order..... still a few bits to make & now I'm also doing Crikey in Exmouth so my needles are clicking away!

Every week that goes by gets me closer to my leaving date at Laura Ashley...... yep it's about 11 weeks before 'I'm between jobs'!!
Not sure what I'm going to do but hey I'm sure something will turn up!!!

Let's hope we have some sunshine in July!


  1. An exciting time ... and exciting times ahead! Good luck with your new ventures ... Claire xxx

  2. Fingers crossed for a job you love. Or working for yourself?

  3. Sweet photos of your kitties!! Wishing you a beautiful week, and month of July full of sunshine!! xo Heather

  4. it has been a bit of a wash out hasn't it? lets hope that July and August buck up!