Thursday, 19 July 2012


I couldn't resist this lovely flask when I went shopping in Sainsburys....... I plan to take tea to the fairs in the winter.

Wanna know the price???

Just £3!!

What a bargain!!!

I'm not keen on the Dad's Army bit at the bottom but hey you can't have everything!

Have you found any bargains?


  1. That's fab - I want one! Will have to see if my local Sainsbury's have one - thank you for sharing it :o)

  2. Love it, but we don't have sainsbury's! Will have to see if my son can get me one, thanks for sharing xxx

  3. Off to check out mt local Sainsbury's tomorrow. I love that flask! M x

  4. Brilliant, get a dymo machine and print your name out and stick it over the Dad's Army bit, that would add a bit of 80's to it too!

  5. Such a great find!! I love finding a good bargain!! Have a great day Joe! ;) xo Heather

  6. I want one too! I love it and need to visit Sainsbugs asap x