Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend

And it's all over!!!

We've waited for months.... brought the Union Jacks..... planned the parties & it's gone :(

On Sunday we went to our friends pub & watched the flotilla

Much to OH's dislike........ he was hoping to get away from it!!

Monday I headed off to Exmouth to see this

I love this vintage mobile cinema & wanted to see it in real life for a long time..... thankfully my brother took me!

He waited for me while I went inside to see an archive film of Exmouth 

If you get a chance to see it I would recommend it :)

It started to get really busy so we treated ourselves to fish & chips in the car

Our view :)

I must admit I gave up on the Jubilee concert about 9pm but I enjoyed the highlights!

I dashed about yesterday doing the housework & watching the service on TV

Didn't Queenie look odd with out Philip by her side?
I felt really sorry for her :(

Today is another special day as OH turns 

How did that happen????

He was 26 when we met!!

I feel another afternoon in the pub!!!

Ted's not up for a party

One last photo....... my slice of pizza that made me chuckle!!

Phew that's was a long post..... sorry!!! 


  1. Happy Birthday to your o/h :)

    It was a lovely weekend wasn't it - I've watched just about all of the TV and drunk lots of Pimms!!

    Back to 'normal' today!

  2. Happy birthday to your Hubbie, hope you spoil him. I gig smile at your pizza! x

  3. Happy birthday Mr Joe! The mobile cinema looks great! x

  4. Well it looks like you had a bloomin' wonderful Jubilee weekend!
    And that mobile cinema looks just phenomenal- I once went to a screening of an old silent movie in a gypsy caravan! It was accompanied by a live soundtrack too. I was about 10, but have never ever forgotten it!


    Oh, and Happy Birthday to OH!

  5. Happy Birthday to your husband!! Sweet kitty!! Love that pic! xo Heather

  6. happy birthday OH, hope he enjoyed the celebrating. The weekend just went by too fast didn't it, but sounds like you had a good time, and that cinema looked great!

  7. How useful to have a friend with a pub on the river bank! We were just along, on Lambeth Bridge so good view but cold. That cinema looks good. I hadn't seen it before.

  8. We saw the mobile cinema on the Piaza in Truro but it was closed at the time :o( It's so lovely inside!

  9. How unusual, I've never seen that cinema before :)