Thursday, 16 February 2012


Hello...... over a week ago I treated myself to this

I know what you're thinking..... what a waste of money, why doesn't she use the cooker??

It cost so much to use our big oven so I haven't made cakes for years. This little gadget is great & it was on offer!

It taken a while to get use to the mixture..... I followed the recipe in the book but it made 21 cakes! As the machine only makes 6 it took forever. 

I was making cakes for the Make, Do and Mend's 2nd birthday so it was ok..... I made plan (I had planned to ice them but OH forgot to order icing sugar on our Sainsbury's shop!) & coffee & walnut..... my fave!

The tin was full so they must have been good!!!

Today I halved the ingredients & made 12 apple cakes..... they're not very big (I have 2 at a time!) but they're handy for my lunch box & saves me popping to the bakery around the corner!

We also brought a Panini maker which has been very good..... I love toasted sandwiches :)

Next on my list is a pie maker...... anyone got one?

I've been so busy making for the big vintage fair in March...... must crack on!!!


  1. All looks good - you will have to try my Almond and Cherry ones....
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Sounds yummy! I have a halogen oven and an electric steamer. They really were fab when I was without an oven for a while. X

  3. It does sound like a great idea when you just want a few cakes!

    Ooh I love toasted sandwiches too!

    Victoria xx

  4. I've got my eye on one of the cake pop versions of this. They look fab x

  5. Think I might have to look a bit more into these.

    B xx

  6. think it just ate my comment, but essentially, I said it looks fab - what a great little gadget! How fun

  7. I love it!! Great idea for making a few cakes at a time!!

  8. Sounds like a good idea and its pink too! I've passed on an award to you over on my blog hope that's ok x