Thursday, 23 February 2012

Are you on it???

I joined about 6 months ago & I must confess that I'm hooked!!!

I can't stop....... help!!!

As you might of guessed it's full of cats & crafting 

Money well spent!

A cat in a knitted jumper..... 2 of my favourite things!

If you're a crafty cat lover pop over & follow me.

Must get back to my knitting :)


  1. I've joined Pinterest last year but haven't realized the benefits until a few months ago and now I'm on all the time!!! It's a trip! Now all I need is time to make all that stuff!! Best wishes, Linda

  2. I have fallen for Pinterest too. Love that photo of the kitty in his jumper! Hope you're ok Joe, I've been following but not able to comment much. Thanks for your comments. I liked your guerilla knitting!
    Hen x
    P.S. How's Teddy?