Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Poor old Teddy

After a lovely weekend off I braced myself for a busy week working, wrapping, buying etc.

Today I took Ted to the vets for his yearly check up &  get some flea treatment...... little did we know what would happen next!!!

Teddy was born in 1995 so getting old......... the vet gave him a good going over & discovered he is going blind possibly due to high blood pressure. He needs to have his blood pressure taken but he was so stressed out the vet didn't want to do it. He also has a touch of arthritis in his left hip. She took some blood because she thought he had liver & kidney failure but thankfully that came back all clear.

All this for a check up!!!! 

He has some blood pressure tablets which she hopes will stop the blindness & will need to go in for a whole day in the new year :(

1/2 hour of my time & £85 worse off!!!! We better make the most of this Christmas as it could be his last :(

I've been busy making gifts & will be back soon to show you..... this is my final day off before the BIG day...... so much to do!!!!

Hope you all enjoy the build up!


  1. Poor old Teddy......hope he stays many more years with you.....
    He looks adorable in his little festive collar....much love...Melxxxx

  2. Aww bless him, pets are an expensive hobby aren't they?
    I hope you enjoy what break you do get over Christmas I can't wait to break up.
    Kandi x

  3. That's a lovely photo of Teddy, but what sad news - it's always difficult with pets, as they are so much a part of the family, yet they live such a short time. I hope he's settled now he's back home from the vet. x

  4. keeping my fingers and toes crossed for Teddy, poor old sausage x

  5. Poor boy, he looks lovely in the picture. After many vet visits with ours, sadly I think £85 including a blood test and medication is quite good value!

  6. Poor guy, give him a cuddle from me! X

  7. Oh poor old teddy :( Enjoy the fluffer whilst you have him - although he could go on for years and years!

  8. Aww, I love Teddy, he's beautiful. I think with lots of love, he'll be wanting to stick around. Hope his condition improves. (Yes, trips to the vets are darned expensive - cheaper than having children though!) Have a great xmas Joe.
    Hen xxx

  9. oh what sad news, poor Teddy :( Make the most of all that you have with him.

    Hope you have a good christmas and a chance for a rest too, xx