Saturday, 24 December 2011

It's nearly time......

Thank you for all your kind comments about Teddy....... he's taking his pills (with the help of tuna!) like a good boy so hopefully his blood pressure will go down by our next visit in the new year.

So the BIG day is nearly here....... I used to love Christmas eve as a child....... The Wizard Of Oz was a must!!

What do you love about Christmas???

My favourite things:

*Christmas music
*Christmas dinner with all the trimmings plus a bottle of real coca cola!
*Closing the door on Christmas eve & spending time with OH & Teddy!

Hope you have a fun filled Christmas eve


  1. I love my christmassy painted nails red with white dots, still drying while reading blogs !
    Merry Christmas
    Sue x

  2. I like to watch Doc Who and eat after eights mints...with Pickle on my knee!

    Have a great christmas Joe...xx

  3. Have a lovely Christmas,Joe!

    xxx ;-)