Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

It's here again!!!

Hope you've all had a lovely day. I'm sat waiting for the trick or treaters!

I've had a crazy few weeks here.... working far too hard, going to Bristol to train, Make, Do and Mend and a laptop melt down!

I was so fed up with my laptop saying the same thing.... *not responding* that I went out & brought a Macbook air! I've wanted one for a long time so it was a nice treat with my redundancy money.
However I've only had it for a day & I'm not sure how it all works yet.

I would like to think things will be back to normal but I'm now working 6 days in a row, Make, Do and Mend tomorrow & a big vintage craft fair in less then 3 weeks.... I still have loads to make :(

Catch up with you soon


  1. Glad to hear you spent some of your redundancy money on you... even if you don't know how to work your new purchase yet!!

    Victoria xxx

  2. glad you got a nice treat- always think it is good to get something special with a lump sum like that otherwise it just goes in dribs and drabs and you never have anything significant for it. Sounds like you are mega busy, but hope all is well and the new job is going OK.

  3. Happy halloween to you too, just thought I would pop by! Suzie xx