Sunday, 31 May 2015

Victory Jumper

Back in March I took the plunge & started making my very own Victory Jumper!

I've had this pattern for a long time but I'd never got around to making it.

After working out how to re size it rather a lot...... they were so small in the 40's or is it we're so big now!!!..... I was on a roll.

I really enjoyed the pattern & found it knitted up quickly. I decided to knit it in DK to help make it larger. The only problem I had was with the sleeves, after increasing I found it was longer then it needed to be. I wanted the sleeves to be shorter & it was a real disappointment when it was finished but I'm happy with it now.


 I love it!!

I can't believe how often I've worn it & have been asked a few time where I brought it...... they couldn't believe I knitted it!

Here it is with my 1940's flower corsage I knitted

And with my victory brooch I made for VE day

I hadn't knitted myself anything to wear for nearly 20 years but I'm cracking on now. In the last year I've made myself a cardigan

a Christmas jumper

& I'm just finishing off my land girl jumper

100g Stylecraft special double knitting
Midnight 3 balls - Claret 2 balls - Cream 1 ball
Total price = £11.34
Hours = 51 


  1. Beautiful knits
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. You're a talented lady mrs! I especially love the Christmas Jumper.

    Victoria x

  3. Your Victory Jumper certainly is amazing Josie-Mary. The sleeves were a bit tricky, but I like the longer length. Can't wait to see the Land Girl jumper!