Sunday, 1 March 2015

February 2015

A busy month of knitting, singing along at the Sound of Music, spending time at the doctors, finding goodies in the shop, visiting Bath Cats & Dogs home, enjoying my new jobs & the perks that go with it. Plus welcoming Hugo to the world.

Spring is just around the corner...... come on March let's see what you bring!


  1. You've been busy. Love the beret. And little Hugo looks so sweet. Glad you are enjoying your new job, and I hope you are well.......... spending time at the doctors.........
    Julie xxxxx

  2. Hi Joe!
    Just been catching up with your've been busy!!
    Once again I'm blown away by your talent at hitting!
    I put the knitted miniature sticking on my tree christmas gone....the one you made for me in a swap one year.....when blogging was the in thing and we were constantly back and forth visiting each other blog and others.....Ohhh the good old days....where have they.....and my time gone these days??
    I'm so busy mostly....Lola's you're doing well.....I'm pleased for you.....take care.xxxx