Wednesday, 7 January 2015

That Was 2014

Another year has passed us by.....

Starting the year feeling poorly, spending time with my girls, finishing my crochet blanket after 5 years, joining in with Knit For Victory by making my hat.

 Trying to finish my hexagon blanket, spring flowers, more knitting & some reading 

Busy month for crafting, finished Matthews 1940's tank top, made a bow scarf for me (I live in it!), adjusted my charity shop bargain skirt (haven't worn it yet!), made a fox scarf (haven't worn it yet!), making flower brooches. First Crikey it's Vintage, I was selling for the shop. 

Trying to lose a few pounds by walking to work. Joining in with Sew For Victory but making my first ever item of clothing...... a pair of swing pants (I haven't worn them yet!) Making more brooches, spending time with my family & celebrating Easter.

Doing a VE day window display, meeting my nephew dog for the first time, trip to the theatre to see Birdsong, being mindful with some me time, finally making my airman & enjoying bank holiday weekends.

Remembering D-Day & Zoe, making cats for our window display, a day out at a 1940's event, another Crikey for the shop & enjoying the sunshine.

Remembering the Somme & Teddy. A day out at Dig For Victory 1940's event, a visit to the Bridport vintage fair, starting my cardigan & finishing all 2 more service men.

My birthday!! A day out with my parents, treating myself to yet another cardigan, starting my Christmas jumper, making poppies for the British Legion & remembering the 100th anniversary of WW1.

Remembering Charlie, celebrating 6 years in blog land, having my name in print on TMTCH album. finding bargains in my shop, Lupton 1940's event & more knitting.

Nights out with friends, days out with family, raising lots of money through my poppies & my first puzzle.

Remembrance day, seeing Amsterdam, travelling on buses, celebrating Claire's 40th, another Crikey this time for me & decorating the Little Valley Christmas tree.

Bertie Bear came to live with us! Counting down to Christmas, making decorations, finishing orders, Christmas meal with the family & resting!!!

Phew that was a busy year..... I can't believe how much I made!

My plans for 2014 included…

  • Book in for 3 big craft fairs at Christmas & don't waste time throughout the year - NOPE - I only did one fair & it was successful but as always I wasted time throughout the year
  • Plan ahead & make stock that will sell - be organised! - Of course not!
  • Complete my things to do list - NOPE.... yet another year when it carries over
  • Make something for me! YES!!!!  Hat, turban, trousers, red cardigan, gloves, 3 service men, poppy brooch, Christmas jumper, scarf, 
  • Think of different ways to continue Make, Do and Mend on a small scale - No, maybe this year
  • Continue reading - I've lost my mojo again 
  • Spend more time with my family (my mum has been poorly) - I think so
  • Spend less time on my laptop & more time crafting - Nope..... must try harder!
  • Stay happy! Great start to the year but went pear shape when Paul moved out in August & the house started falling apart.
So 2015….. what will you bring?
  • Be amazing in my new job! (More on that later in January)
  • Sort out my crafting area 
  • Decorate my living room & bathroom 
  • Read more books
  • Plan ahead & make stock that will sell - be organised!
  • Complete my things to do list
  • Make things for me
  • Try to continue Make, Do and Mend on a small scale
  • Spend time with my family
  • Spend less time on my laptop & more time crafting 
  • Stay happy!

I must stay focused this year!

What plans do you have?


  1. New job? I want to know more now ;o)

    Victoria x

  2. Where did last year go?
    My resolution is 'have more fun' - I think that may be an easy one to keep!