Thursday, 9 October 2014

September 2014

I've been away too long & the weeks are marching on :(

So September came & went in a haze!

I finally received my anniversary present from OH...... we've been waiting since Christmas!.... top left corner, it's the new The Men They Couldn't Hang album that OH pledged, look closely & you'll see my name!!!
We remember our lovely Charlie who pass away 6 years ago, I had my 6th anniversary in blogland, started my Christmas jumper, tried to make loads for the November Crikey It's Vintage fair, finding goodies in my shop, a 1940's day out & of course spending time with my beautiful girls.

September was a lovely months & the sun shone lots. I'm getting used to living on my own but not looking forward to February when OH's lease is up on his new place...... I really don't want to move all my junk!!!

Hope I can find time to blog soon.

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  1. Spetember flew by didn't it. Roll on October and lot's of Autumnal fun

    Victoria x