Friday, 25 July 2014

Knit For Victory

Years ago I found this pattern & decided one day I would make myself a doll!
I waited & waited but always had other things to make when I was selling so now was the perfect time.
Back in April I made a start....

I started with the Air Force man as at the time I was reading lots of RAF WW2 books!

Meet Johnny 

He turned out rather well!

I was so taken with him I decided to make the solider.

Johnny & George hanging out on my mantlepiece!

So then I thought it would be mean to leave out the sailor!

Hello sailor!

Meet Pete..... I did change the pattern for this one, his hat was suppose to be made out of cloth but I crocheted one instead.

I'm loving my boys!

I'm not sure what I'll do with them but I'm glad I took time out to make them.

Now I'm thinking.....

Better get a bigger mantlepiece!


  1. I am glad you made them . They are so sweet.They look great on your mantle piece .

  2. You did a great job there, but I agree you can't now leave out the girls!