Saturday, 19 April 2014

100 Happy Days

Day 96 - 100

A visit to the real ale festival after work…. I've decided I really don't like real ale!

Clean sheets…… nap time!

Food! The hardest day of counting calories

Finishing another book

Weigh in day! I lost 4 lbs :) 

So that's it…… it's all over.
I did enjoy the challenge but did it make me happier?

I don't really think so, sometimes you see things that make you happy but you can't always take photo's.
In future I think I will focus on things that make me smile/happy without the stress of snapping away.

Of course there will always be pictures of my cats!

My Sew for Victory project went better than I thought yesterday but we did have a few hiccups, I will tell you all about it soon.

1 comment:

  1. Cats ALWAYS make me happy!
    You are right sometimes it is not always easy to photograph what makes you happy and then it becomes a chore.
    Happy Easter. Xxx