Monday, 18 November 2013


So Saturday saw me head off bright & early to Crikey it's Vintage.

Tea cosies & toys!

The fab nativity scene my mum made, we raised £21 on the day which beat my target. It goes in the shop on Monday 25th November & I'm hoping to raise £50 in total :) 

You can buy tickets HERE

Unfortunately Exeter city centre also had a EDL march & a protest march against the EDL…. not great!!
It was a busy morning until 250 EDL members went right by the hotel with 500 police!
They held the rally in the park opposite & the road was blocked for a long time. Of course the trade died off :( 

So another disappointing fair. This is becoming a regular thing & I've heard many sellers saying the same. I had so many people pulling at things to see how they're made or even asking out right!
I had one lady who told her mum that she could knit better than me so why not take MY ideas & set up a website….. she said 'she must be making a packet charging those prices', well love I'm not!!!

As you know I've struggled with Carpal Tunnel for the last month, my hands are numb most of the time & I keep stabbing my self with pins & needles so they're cut as well. You know I thought SOD IT….. let them knit a decoration for nearly 2 hours & charge a measly £3!

So I think my fair days are over :(
It's a long day with lots of lifting, standing, smiling etc & when I look at the take I have to ask myself if it's really worth it?

I'll still be selling online but manly to order. I'll never say never but for now I just want a rest from the crafty world & make something for me!

And I'm sad to say I think this will also include Make, Do and Mend…… I've been doing it for 4 years now & it's hard to keep thinking of new ideas. Plus so many craft groups, shops doing courses, knitting clubs etc have sprung up I have to fight to keep my ladies.
I make no money from this but spend hours doing the website & advertising, working 15 hours on the day of the meeting & then only 6 people turn up!!!

So new year new plans!
I love crafting & have been doing it as a part time business for over 15 years, way before it became trendy! I'm not sure if I'll be able to step away from it all but for now I need to before I punch someone very hard in the face ….. if only my numb hands would let me!

On a brighter note this is what I brought!

I've been looking for a 1950's yarn holder for years and I think the bowls will be lovely for my girls.

And my best purchase

A 1914 WW1 Christmas tin, OH brought it for me as a Christmas gift….. perfect!

 I also got a few bargains at the boot sale yesterday 

Back soon with details about a knitting project I have planned


  1. I can understand your frustrations about the fairs and that's a shame that you're not going to be attending them. I went to a few and sold some of my vintage odds and ends a couple of times and it's certainly not easy and of course everyone thinks they could do the same.


  2. Sorry the fair wasn't very good. I have decided to pull out of some one day fairs next year because it simply isn't worth my time and effort. How rude of that lady! I had one lady come to my tent and discuss loudly with her friend that my £10.00 turbans were too expensive and she could knit her own and then undercut me!!
    It's good to take time out and do something for yourself :-)
    I love you purchases, especially the wool holder. I'm looking for a cream version. Hope you see some improvement in your hands xx

  3. Oh that lovely WW1 tin, lucky you and love the yarn holder!
    Fairs are frustrating with all the arrangements I am sure. Never mind the 'sweet' comment about doing better and uploading a website to make a bundle...tsk, tsk, tsk...
    Hoping your hands don't trouble you more with the weather getting cooler, winter can be tough for aches and pains.
    A warm (not so warm as it is stormy outside) hello from the Pacific NW coast,

  4. Aw bless you, all that hard work! Love the tin will you store anything in it? I'd like to make a contribution towards the nativity scene if I may please, can I send you a cheque? X

  5. I'm shocked that anyone would say that to you, people have no idea how much effort goes into crafting things :( I hope your week improves and your paws get better soon xxx

  6. Oh Joe, sorry to hear that you've had a bit of a dispiriting time. I pretty much feel the same about fairs. The costs and effort involved are high, the customers can be rude or unappreciative, as you say, and it's far easier to do it from the comfort of home and a computer. I'm having a rest from fairs, too and doing a lot more making for myself rather than sale. I hope the carpal tunnel improves, so very difficult when what you love to do is work with your hands. On a positive note, love the goodies you found and your mum is a star, making that fab knitted nativity. Hope it raises loads for the pussy cats.
    Hen xxx