Thursday, 11 July 2013

New Job!

If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know I haven't worked at Laura Ashley since the end of April.
I really struggled with the company/store & tried to change things but I might as well have banged my head against a brick wall!!
I was told I had so much more experience then the other managers so I had to help them do their job..... then I was treated like a child that knew nothing.
It was all very confusing!!
In February I had a bit of trouble, which I won't talk about on here, which dragged on for months & months..... this of course made me worry & then I became ill.

So after having 7 weeks off sick with stress I decided enough was enough so I handed in my notice.
I'd forgotten who I was..... I didn't like the miserable cow I'd turned into, nor the panic attacks & the sickness that happened every morning when I had to leave for work!

But in true LA style I heard nothing & when I contacted them on my last day to ask if I could collect my things I was asked to reconsider & stay!
When I went in to the store I was treated so badly I knew then that things would never change.

So I was free!!!!

Now I know you must be thinking I'm crazy giving up a job in these times but my health is more important & I had enough money to take a year off.
Which is what I planned to do..... maybe work part time to pay the bills but I wanted to focus on my crafty stuff.
(BTW Cath Kidston turned me down yet again..... I don't have enough experience to work part time in their stores!)

When I heard about a new RSPCA charity shop opening in Exeter city centre I thought I'd apply for the managers job...... I had no charity experience but I hoped my 23 years in retail would help!

I've always wanted to work for them but knew that an inspector would be out of the question!
This was something I'm good at (Yes Laura Ashley I am good at my job!) & I could help raise money for a charity I'm passionate about.

It took 5 weeks to hear back but I was lucky to get an interview...... I was going up against managers from charity shops so I had to know my stuff!
They interviewed all day & at 7pm I got the call to say 'they loved me'!!!
But because I had no charity experience I had to return to the shelter to meet some trustees to show them I could do the job.
They offered it to me on the spot!!

So this week saw me start my new career!
I'm working for the RSPCA Little Valley Animal Shelter which is separate from the main RSPCA as all the money raised helps just that one shelter.
(Jean & Popsy came from here)
Some people have been surprised by my career change but I think it'll look good on my CV..... lets face it if I can manage a team of people working for nothing then I'm sure I can manage anyone!

I'm training in another store this week before I start setting up my own store over the following 2 weeks.

After 4 days I'm really enjoying it....... it's like going back to basics for me, lovely easy till system, chatting to the customers with no pressure to make them spend thousands or worse open a credit card!
We've had lots of laughter & I've spent loads!!

I've also been shopping for display pieces for my shop..... they're letting me have free rein & I'm planning on doing something slightly different from a normal charity shop but I will tell you more when it happens.

So do you want to see what it looks like so far???

Looking a bit empty but I'm sure it'll fill up soon... I'll let you know when we open so if you're local you can pop in (a bag of goodies is always welcomed!)

I'm sure I'll be very happy here!!


  1. Oh Joe I am so pleased for you, it sounds so very exciting and it's great to hear you excited too! Look forward to seeing the shop open! Have fun!

  2. Congratulations on the new job. It sounds perfect for you. Good luck. Can't wait to see the final product.

  3. I to give up my job after 16 years as a cook at a childrens nursery. I been ill and gone back only to think what am I doing here. I had a few months off then saw a job as a nanny went for it and am now loving it.
    Hope you enjoy your new job too! x

  4. I so pleased for you - you sound really happy. You don't have experience in working part-time........ I am coming to Exeter when you opened your shop and say hello
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. Hey brilliant news. ! Can't wait to hear more :-) x

  6. you are gona be brilliant . hx

  7. Congratulations and well deserved!!! I can't believe CK - they don't know who they're missing out on!

    Victoria x

  8. Fantastic news, I'm sure you will be great!
    : ) x

  9. Oh Joe, I am SO pleased for you! You did just the right thing - you can't let a job (or horrible managers) get you down.
    Congratulations on your new position & I'm sure your new charity shop will be a roaring success! Looking forward to reading of your adventures.

  10. Your doing the right thing, health & happiness is so more important than money! I'm sure it will be the best charity shop ever!


  11. You rock!!! I'm so pleased that you are doing a new role....that I'm sure will suit you better....animals...and thrifty CS heaven....awesome! Good luck!xxx

  12. Oh well done (just catching up on blog reading!) I think it will be fab, congratulations!

  13. Well done Joe! At least you're working for something that is worthwhile, and you're passionate about!! So pleased you're happier, and enjoying it all : ) x

    Take care xx

    Sharon xx