Friday, 24 May 2013

DIY Lightbox

About 3 months ago I spotted this on Pinterest...

Just what I need!!

You know what's it's like.... you pin it, go back, re read, wait until you remember to bring a box home from work, the box sit in the porch where you left it until finally you get around to it!!!!

The instructions are very clear & it looked so easy however in reality your knife isn't as sharp as you thought, you can't find the right tape & you have it balanced while watching Bargain Hunt!

It didn't take long to make

But has it worked?



I think it worked a treat & it only cost me 69p for the tissue paper!

 It said to put it in as much light as possible...... well there's not much light around today!
I tried to take it in the garden but it's very flimsy & the wind is strong today..... not a good mix!!

I will be playing around in the future to see if I can make the photo's even better.

I'm working on a new brooch design for Crikey so this should be perfect for promoting them on Facebook.

If you want to give it a go click HERE


  1. This is such a good idea, definitely going to have to track down a box now. Hope you're ok lovely, we should meet for a cuppa soon xx

  2. I saw this and was going to give it a try! My problem is I'm not around often in daylight hours... I'm kind of a vampire! LOL!

    Victoria x

  3. great idea - what a difference it makes!

  4. I'll give it a go!
    Julie xxxxx

  5. I'll give it a go too! I just need something like this, this May is horribly rainy and unusually cold now in Slovakia, and my pictures just do not look neat. thanks for sharing