Sunday, 17 March 2013

I'm back!!!

So sorry for the unexplained break from blogging..... not sure what happened!
The time has just flown by & I haven't felt I had much to say.

So today it St Patricks Day..... as you know I love to celebrate but this year has been different.
I've been off for Cheltenham racing this week as normal...... however I haven't really got into it & it's been the first year in many I didn't put a bet on.
I've spent most of the week asleep...... not sure why I'm so worn out but hey I'm happy to go with it.

I was due back to work on Tuesday but I was told on Thursday I had to return on Monday..... this made me very unhappy as I had plans for the weekend which I was told I had to cancel.
So for the first time in over 20 years I'm not celebrating today.
Feels kinda weird!
So today OH went out to celebrate while I stayed at home finishing the list of jobs..... well ok I did have a nap this afternoon too!

So what have I been up to...

In my last post I mentioned the Crikey Spring Fling...

My 1940's crochet brooches went down a storm!
Hoping to get them on my website & Folksy shop later.

On the Sunday it was Matthew's birthday so we had a party

Can't believe he's 4!

Tuesday was Make, Do and Mend.... this month it was yarn bombing!

You can read more about it on our blog and the local newspapers website 

I have been busy...... lots going on at work too so no wonder I was worn out!

This week is was nice to relax with the girls

And try to finish my blanket

Remember that?
I started it about 5 years & I still have about 60 squares to make!

I hope to be back to normal next week..... commenting & blogging!


  1. That'd s bit mean, being told that you have to GO back to work on Monday, had you booked the day off?

    I know what you mean about napping in the afternoons!
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Sorry to hear you haven't been able to celebrate as normal and have to return to work early.

    I have caught the sleep bug to and that seems to be all I've done this weekend!!

    Victoria x

  3. What a pain having to end your break early. Lets hope they appreciate it and that you feel like celebrating at a later date.( sure you can find some excuse ).

  4. Beautiful brooches Joe, and Happy Birthday Matthew!

    Have a Happy Monday ...

    Love Claire

  5. ~Lovely to have you back...LOVE those brooches so much! ~Take time to Dream...I have been taking afternoon naps my self..Little recharges I call them.St Patrick's day was quite a celebration for us here! ~Love Maria x

  6. Oops forgot to say...LOVE those kitties!

  7. Love the brooches and the furry ladies of course. You won my giveaway so please email me your address.
    Hen x

  8. hi lovely, good to see you back - I've been feeling a bit the same - busy busy but not much to write about - or at least nothing that I can really think of when I come to sit at the computer. It's too bad that they made you go back a day earlier - such a shame it spoiled your plans, but hope you get the chance to make up for it another time