Sunday, 20 January 2013

Another Book.....

Another book finished........ only another 48 to read!!!

From the writer of the highly acclaimed novel The Boy I Love - Paper Moon explores the complexities of love and loyalty against a backdrop of a world transformed by war. 

The passionate love affair between Spitfire pilot Bobby Harris and photographer’s model Nina Tate lasts through the turmoil of World War Two, only to be tested when Bobby is disfigured after being shot down. Wanting to hide from the world, Bobby retreats from Bohemian Soho to the empty house his grandfather has left him, a house haunted by the secrets of Bobby’s childhood. Here the mysteries of his past are gradually unravelled and he discovers that love is not only skin deep.

I read The Boy I Love in October & really enjoyed it.
I was pleased to find out there was another book in the series but I've now found out it's a trilogy & this is the last book...... not sure if I should read the middle one, although they're cheap as chips on Kindle.
It was lovely to find out more about the character's lives & remembering who's who!


I hope you're all staying warm & safe in the snow. I'm very jealous that we have none in Devon.
I'm hoping it comes down very heavy tonight so I don't have to go away for work tomorrow.

I have to go to Bristol...... get this.....what sort of company makes you share a room with someone you don't know plus no breakfast or evening meal..... talk about being tight!!!

I know it's only 1 night but I really don't want to go...... I will miss my girls!!

So much for not getting too attached this time!!!


  1. Very tight I think. I wouldn't like sharing a room with a stranger one bit. Hope it snows for you :o).

  2. Now that is taking the ****!
    I wouldn't want to share with someone I don't know at all although you could end up as good friends but that isn't the point, and not having breakfast or evening meal, what are they trying to do starve you? I would probably found alternative accommodation!
    We haven't had much snow here, just enough to make it look pretty!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. wouldn't fancy that at all - fancy making you share with a stranger, that's really not on. And no meals - that's outrageous - what do they expect people to do ? I wouldn't be impressed at all. Hope it turns out OK in the end.

    That book sounds great - was it ever a film ? The plot line sounds really familiar and yet I don't remember reading it - am definitely going to add it to my list though, it sounds just what I am in the mood for.

  4. That doesn't seem fair, good luck though. You might end up really liking the person...i hope!
    I love book reviews, i think i will see if my library has it. I've just re-read a bunch of old books as i can't find a new style i want to get into!

  5. Sharing with a stranger totally sucks and TBH I'm not all sure they can do that? Hope it all went ok for you though xxx

  6. How did it go? I could never share a room with a stranger, I wouldn't be able to sleep let alone the thought of their potential bad bathroom habits. xx