Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Victory In Europe

Yes it's that day again.

What a wonderful time they must have had

The joy to know the dark days were over

To remember the 70th anniversary of the Exeter Biltz I was invited to a special event at the Cathedral
I was helping out with Make Do and Mending.... of course!

We had a lovely day & I really enjoyed teaching children to knit.

I hope to have more photo's soon 

The fantastic Blitz and Peaces

Part of the bomb that hit the Cathedral

Have a good week


  1. Looks like fun!! That must have been fun to teach kids how to knit!! Great photos, and history!! Have a wonderful day!! xo Heather

  2. A great post...loved the pictures...xx how they must have celebrated! x

  3. Hi Joe, hope you're well! I love these old pics, and well done you for taking part in the event! Sounds like fun!

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    Catherine x

  4. I love the 40's style posts you do...all looks jolly good fun!xxxx