Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy St Patricks Day

To you all!

What plans do you have this weekend??

I can't believe my 2 weeks holiday is nearly over...... only 2 days to go :(

We celebrated St Patrick's Day yesterday while watching the last day of Cheltenham & the gold cup.

The good news is this year I only lost 50p with the bookies!!!
That's the best Cheltenham I've had for years...... a weeks entertainment for 50p..... can't be bad!

I'll be in a mad panic for the last 2 days doing all the things I should've done in my 2 weeks holiday!

Busy week next week...... a interview for a new job (I've found out my job will finish in September as planned) & a visit to the doctors to get my blood test results. I've been feeling out of sorts for a while & keep having dizzy turns..... I went to the doctors & told her the symptoms, before I knew it I was rushed in to have blood taken! Hope it's nothing to serious :(

I will be back with Grease photo's..... it's been a while now!!!

Have a good weekend

PS Hope you like my updated blog...... boy did I regret making the changes yesterday when everything went wrong!!! But a change is as good as a rest!


  1. Hope you ok, and have a good 'un! X

  2. Hope the blood tests come back ok!

    Victoria x

  3. hope your ok and you had a happy st paddy's day! Also good luck with the interview :) really like your blog...newest follower :)X

  4. Hi just found your blog, lovin your jubilee inspired background.

    Fleur xx

  5. love the new look, it's great! hope the test results come back ok, will be thinking of you x

  6. Love the new look...hope everything is ok.