Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Welcome to the 1940's!

Back in September my parents took me to Castle Drogo for their 1940's event..... it was the first time we'd visited even though it's very close. It did not disappoint!!!

I have lost some of my photo's due to the computer change so all the outside & Dig For Victory seem to have disappeared..... but fear not I have loads of the inside of the house!!!

WARNING........ this post contains a lot of photo's!!!

We were greeted by an American solider with a wartime jeep..... now lucky mum had her stick because he gave us a lift to the house..... me in the bum seat waving to everyone! I would like to add I was in full 1940's dress...... not many people dressed up :(

The entrance fee is not cheap so be warned but even my parents agreed it was money well spent.

The beautiful dining room fire place

The detail of the chairs

The butlers kitchen...... lovely taps!

The butlers parlour...... love this fire!

Just look at that lampshade!!!

The servant would sleep here if they were on call during the night

Very modern shower...... this was not for the servants!!!

Beautiful kitchen

oh look it's Potato Pete!

Kitchen bin

The cosy air raid shelter.

In one of the bedrooms they had a large collection of make do and mend things...... well it would be rude not to take lots of photo's!!

And on to my favourite room...... this room was dedicated to their son who lost his life in WW1

He never lived here as the house build stopped during the war & it was said his parents never got over his death.....you can find out more about the history of the house here

Not a great photo's but I love this hat!

The view from the drawing room & bedrooms

In the chapel I found this

I've always wanted to go to Thiepval 

The restaurant was packed & very expensive..... mum had the good sense to bring a picnic so we retired to the grounds in the beautiful autumn sunshine. 

It was a lovely day out & I recommend it to everyone..... if you love Downton Abbey this is the place for you!!!

Hope they do it again next year!

Catch up soon


  1. Hiya,

    I loved this post....right up my 1940's street!

    Must remember not to lounge about in my "best" skirt! LOL!
    Love the whole make do ethos.....brill!


  2. looks like such fun! I love the way the 1940's stuff looks but I'm happy to have been born a bit later lol!!!!
    I bet you had a lovely time xxx

  3. What a great day out - I enjoyed all your photos.

  4. what a lovely post. looks like such a great day. thank you for sharing.