Sunday, 11 September 2011

Funny old week!

Once again I've been away too long! 

Last Sunday we closed the door of Habitat for the final time.
It was a sad day & I confess I shed a few tears

I was trying to pull myself together when a lovely couple came in with these beautiful flowers!

One of the last customers out the door wanted to make a complaint about a member of staff's customer service.... can you believe it! She wanted head office address so she could could get the member of staff removed from the store.... Good luck!
So that was it, my last few moments in the store that I've worked in for nearly 17 years.... thanks for ruining it love!!!

Monday & Tuesday we were back at it....... we had to clean the store....everything had to go!

We left about 6ish on Tuesday & after one final walk around I left the building

Once again I cried...... Then it was off to the pub!

We had our leaving party on Friday..... it feels odd at the moment like I'm on holiday & I have to keep reminding myself I won't be going back :(

I'm so thankful I have another job so I don't have to sign on..... too many forms!

Saturday morning saw me bright & early heading off to Debenhams in Exeter to sell our poppies we've been making at Make, Do and Mend. It was a long day but we raised nearly £400!!!

So that was my crazy week..... now I have 3 weeks off to relax & try to get my head around my redundancy form!


  1. Good luck with your new job
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Good luck in your new job, Joe! ;-) xxx

  3. I can't believe that final customer!

    Good luck with the new job, remember new beginnings!

    Victoria xxx

  4. Honestly, some people!!

    Good luck with the new job - as 'they' say, when one door closes and all that :) x

  5. So Sad, hope you can make the most of the time you have before you start your new job!.

  6. Good luck with your new job, and well done for raising such a brilliant amount!!!!

  7. Oh Joe! What a sorry sight the shop is :( I hardly recognise it with nothing in it!

    Onwards and upwards, embrace the change and look forward to seeing what it brings.

    x x

  8. Must be strange for you. What is your new job? good luck with everything and enjoy your break
    Sue x

  9. the empty shop looks so sad!

    Congratulations on the poppy sales, that's a fantastic amount of money raised. You ought to contact the paper with that one.

    Hope you enjoy the couple of weeks before the new job starts