Sunday, 22 May 2011

I'm still here......

I've just noticed I haven't posted for 2 weeks!!! Blimey I think that must be a first & this is my 250th post!

I've managed to escape work for the last week, I've spent time getting my head around things & pottering around the garden

Loving my David Austin rose this year..... best it's ever been.

They don't last long so I decided to enjoy some inside too.

It's been so windy today the garden is now full of petals :(

I've also been making things for my Folksy shop

We headed off to the coast a couple of days.... although the weather wasn't great it was nice to get out & about. It normally involved going to the pub for lunch!!!

I've enjoyed catching up with all your blogs..... back to normal on Tuesday :(

Hope you've all had a lovely week


  1. Your rose looks beautiful! Good to see you back :) x

  2. Popped in to see you yesterday but then realised you must be on holiday! Love the roses ;-)

  3. I was starting to wonder where you were!!

    Glad you've been enjoying some pub lunches,

    Victoria xx

  4. I been AWOL too :) THat rose is gorgeous isn't it! I don't blame you for making sure you make the most of them!

  5. Nice to see you!! Adore your floral photographs, thanks for sharing :0) Right...what's your order then ....;0)

    I wonder if there shall be any left...may just take a peeky ;0) Big hugs xxxx

  6. those roses are stunning!!

    I'm sure you don't want to have to say in public, but hope things are working out with regard to the work situation and not causing you too much grief. Take care xx

  7. Pub lunches? very jealous, that rose is beautiful xx

  8. Gorgeous gorgeous roses. I must bring some of mine into the house, they are very similar to yours. xx

  9. It's a very pretty rose, Joe, I think the roses have been lovely this year, too, though mine are already coming to the end of their first flowering.
    Love the makeover on the red steps. I bet you'll fine them very handy.
    Hen x